Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Veggies, oca roast

Well, for dinner later today I lifted this years Oca from the tyre pile, and it was a very good yield, good sized tubers which will be roasted later today with the turkey.
 I'll try to get moe pics up later. Quite tired, it was a long trip home.
Also out of the ground today were carrots and parsnips.
Obviously the brussel sprouts were picked today, not a great haul having been neglected - but the plant tops also make a nice addition to the xmass greens, with some hardy kales to bulk it out.

Spuds are Mr Littles Yetholm Gypsys - the colours on the skin make them wonderful for baking.

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  1. I lifted my oca yesterday, but didn't have the energy to scrub it today. I'll get there in the next few days; it should go well with Chinese recipes.

  2. Oca works well, roasted for about 30 minutes with turkey, great alternative to chessnuts

  3. Before tonight I'd never heard of Oca, now here I am finding a second post about only a few hours after finding the first (without trying to find any). I must read up on it.

    I was wondering if you might add your oca and other garden delights to Folia the online gardening website (it's free). I'm always looking to encourage more gardeners to join and am having an extra push this week while the weather is keeping most people indoors.

    It's a great resource for gardeners and has helped me keep on top of my 800+ plantings with photo's, notes, journals, milestones etc. They have an extensive plant wiki and a seed stash section where people can also list seeds for swapping. Here's the link to my Folia page so you can see how it works:

  4. Love your blog, great to see that there are more Galway Food Bloggers out there! Anyways, quick question for you. I planted about 5 sprouted spuds in a tyre a good while back, it grew up so I added another tyre and more compost. But how many tyres should suffice? Would 2 be enough. Would really appreciate a reply.


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