Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sustainable Local Fish - Mackerel

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(Scomber scombrus)
(F) Maquereau (D) Makrelen (NL) Makreel (E) Caballa
Mackerel is a local, sustainable fish. It is extremely common in huge shoals migrating towards the coast to feed on small fish and prawns during the summer.
Traditionally in Connemara this fish was salted to preserve it, and served with new potato's.
Abundant in cold and temperate shelf areas, it forms large schools near the surface. They over winter in deeper waters but move closer to shore in spring when water temperatures range between 11° and 14°C.
Environmental Information
Mackerel is seen as one of the most sustainable fisheries. Favoured fishing methods should always be our main priority when sourcing our fish.
The trawl used by the Irish fleet is designed and rigged to fish in mid-water ensuring that there is no impact on bottom habitats or structures. No part of the trawl is designed to come in contact with the sea bed
Nutritional Information
Atlantic mackerel is extremely high in vitamin B 12. Mackerel is also very high in omega 3 containing nearly twice as much per unit weight as does salmon.
Mackerel is an excellent source of Phosphatidylserine, an important brain food that can have positive effects on ADHD and Alzheimer patients.

50% of fish caught in the North Sea are thrown back dead - this wasteful practice is called discard.
To end this practice You can be a part of a campaign called Fish Fight.
I would urge You to visit the site - WWW.FISHFIGHT.NET- and get informed and involved.
By supporting this campaign, your name will be added to a letter to be sent to Commissioner Maria Damanaki, members of the Common Fisheries Policy Reform Group, and all MEPs

Your support WILL make a difference


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