Monday, January 9, 2012

Delaneys new shoes

Farrier just came to see Delaney to have his hooves seen to. He is living a batchelor lifestyle right now - Dotty having moved home, and has moved to winter quarters with open access to a shed.
Things kind of hectic for me right now, having just got back from Guinea, gone home for xmass, caught that bloody stomach bug in Ireland, gone to Holland I'm now in Aberdeen after finishing a HUET course - next stop East Africa!

Since the 21st, Conakry - Casablanca - London - Dublin, bus to Galway on 23rd.
Then Dublin to Schipol on the 30th, Aberdeen yesterday and this morning, next stop London, on to Dubai, Nairobi and Mombassa - joining a new ship there. Busy - too much airport food!

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