Thursday, August 16, 2012

2012 Grafton Media Irish Blog Awards

To my delight and surprise the blog has been nominated in three catagories for the 2012 Irish Blog Awards which are sponsored by Grafton Media.
This little hobby of mine started a few years back for a few reasons, and its very rewarding to recieve this news.
Whatever happens with these awards I know from emails and comments that my efforts have in a small way have helped others, and thats the main reason I keep it going - however eratically.

I started my garden to do something productive, to reduce my food miles and as a sort of therapy after a serious assault.
The physical work and thought process do help to overcome trauma, and the reward of a good crop is something to look forward to rather than the stress of the past.

A major theme in the blog is the use of home grown, foraged, locally sourced or Irish produce where possible. This includes adapting recipes from other cuisines and their modification, quite often their improvement, in using native products.

For that reason its really brilliant that the sponsors of the food and drink award are an Irish Organic dairy company -  Glenisk - who are celebrating 25 years.
Wierdly I used their whole milk organic yogurt in a very recent recipe that I still need to post !!

A lot of old cookbooks have been browsed over for hours in doing this - I set out to do was to develop my cooking skills, but also to maintain simplicity - I did not want to have to use special equipment in anything I prepare.

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It has at times been frustrating, particularly this summer with the lack of good weather and the tremendous abundance of weed growth that has been so bad its even been written about in UK papers!So at least its not just me :-)

The next series of dates are
8th Sept – Short list published
29th Sept - Finalist list published
13th October – Awards ceremony

So, lets wait and see whats next

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