Thursday, September 11, 2014

Conservatories and Chairs

A correspondent of mine, Sean Gallagher from patchwork veg has just started a new venture.
Sean is a real 'get up and go' guy, I've always admired his drive and innovation.
When the slump in the building trade hit, rather than despair or give up - he got on with things, he started up patchwork veg. It was, at the time, a niche market and something that was new to Irish horticulture, but he made a go of it.

More recently he has gone back into building and the results look very impressive.

The new company is Gallserv so if you are considering extending or moving into the garden I would recommend Sean, not just because he is an obviously skilled builder, but also, as a kitchen gardener, he would look at the extension differently to a builder in that this is not more space to furnish in a house, this is part of a living garden.


OK - it's a folding bench table, but I write the blog, therefore have editorial control, and always like a bit of onomatopoeia.

I've got to say, I saw this table on facebook, and the only way I can describe it is Sexy - I must be getting old or developing a furniture fetish.

Terrible I know, but I think it is brilliant. A garden bench/kitchen table in one - those clever Dutch buggers.

Cost is 200 EUR (VAT etc is included in the price) and delivery is 78 EUR - all the way from the Netherlands!!

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