Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just some Garden Shots

Well, thats the winter beds more or less sorted.
Leeks, winter onion and winter cabbage transplanted into place. Bean seeds sowed to be ready for spring.
Kale doing OK - may chance a few more, and Garlic in between the beans as a catch crop.

Rhubarb crowns planted and the horseradish slip transplanted in the top of bed 4.
I think I will create two new beds next spring, and dedicate that one to things like blueberry, gooseberry and goji plants, kind of a fruit and herb patch for the future - its very rocky anyway so not a great idea for root veg.

Just some photos of what was done fairly quickly
Overview of some beds
Beans, leeks, caulis, some winter onions
beetroot leaves/swiss chard ready for the kitchen
Chicken wire is to try to keep the kittens out

Mostly winter and spring cabbages
Massive, beautiful rhubarb crown - one of a pair from next door.
The original plant came down from Meath in the 1920's and has survived in Connemara
Really excited about these, but will need to wait 3 years
Lots of compost dug in, and bark mulch to protect.

Winter lettuce, Kales and earthed up Oca plants

Theres a horseradish transplant under the glass -
Also protected from weeds by bark mulch

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