Sunday, March 6, 2011

New season cooking plans and Irish escargot

Well folks, its that time of the year again - time to get planting. From what the media says, food prices are going up anyway.

One thing I am looking forward to is more cooking. Just got off a ship with a lot of Catalan food, and was introduced to a great cook book on that subject by my mate Lance's girlfriend - Regina, a formidable, very influencing and creative cook who generally does much larger meals than I do, i.e. with more people to serve, amazing to watch - and the mix of north African /Portuguese/Catalan and more northern European foods is the direction in which I am trending

Its a lucky coincidence I put cardoon and Jerusalem artichoke down this year in the new perennial bed.

Its a lot of what could be called local peasant type food, so should be easy enough to adapt to what we can grow in Ireland, in particular those of you with polytunnels.

What I think attracts me most is the amount of varied fish meals.
I'm already planning to salt my own Pollock to create a home made, locally caught version of Bacalao with a bit of research.
I can already do salted mackerel - a real old Connemara staple.

Another Catalan staple was pickled oily fish like sardines and tuna - for which I hope to substitute herring and mackerel.

The other thing I liked was the way they do snails Escargot - or Cargols as they are called in Catalan - should be an interesting year. The way I see it is why they can get away with eating my salad plants when I could be eating them with salad plants.

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