Sunday, April 1, 2012

April fool surprise!

Being the fool I am, some Nicola were left in the ground last year and with the mild winter had even started to crop!
Turning up the new brassica bed this year for rotation, my work was rewarded with a nice little surprise, a box of lovely earlies. It was great to be able to share them with friends this early in the year.
Also growing is Cardoon, cooked it - not all that mad about the favour but will experiment further. It is a perennial so that means I have years.
Also, a nice find was some small but sweet parsnips
Still coming from the garden are winter and spring cabbage, leeks, scorzanera, salsify and endive chicons, or witloof.
Radar winter onions planted during the winter seem to be doing well.
Goes to show, a bit of planning and a lot of luck gives food from the garden all year round.

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