Saturday, July 18, 2015

Devilish Kidneys with Star Anise Tomato

A classic meal, Devilled Kidneys, which has for some reason fallen out of fashion.
Traditionally served as a breakfast - this is a meal for later in the day, this meal was served with simple polenta, star anise tomato and warm cucumber to start using up a glut in the garden.

Colorful, tasty and ready in about 20 minutes.
The recipe for the kidneys and cucumber came from Gustav Templars great book

Firstly - clean the kidneys.
The video below is a quick guide. Normally there is also a meniscus on the outside of the kidney, this is easy to remove.
You may also have to remove the external fat from the outside, but butchers tend to do this in advance. (**See Note)

Devil-ling the kidneys is as easy as pie.
You will need:
Two tablespoons of Mustard Powder
Two tablespoons of Goodall's liquid Yorkshire Relish -
Worcestershire sauce ( Lea & Perrins ideally) is a good alternative.
Salt and Pepper, season to taste.
Parsley to garnish.

Mix and chuck in with the kidneys in a bowl, stir well to coat.

This can be done up to 24 hours in advance.

On a grill pan or on skewers, grill each side for five minutes when ready to serve.

Sprinkle with copious amounts of parsley, serve on toast for breakfast, or be inventive for lunch / dinner.
There is plenty of great sauce in the pan that you can pour over, cream can be added to it to make it a little richer and milder if you like.

As a very simple side veg with this - breakfast or lunch - star anise with tomato is a great combination.
Use cherry tomatoes or halved beef stake tomatoes.
Coat with olive or rapeseed oil, sprinkle with well crushed star anise and sea salt.
Bake low and slow for best results.
**In Ireland one can easily get kidney with the external fat intact, it is not so common in the UK.
Kidney simply grilled or BBQ'd in its own fat is another great dish, but in the UK you might even have to order it online by post.

Do note if doing a search for fresh kidneys online can produce some unplanned results.
If offered kidneys from anything other than an animal, quickly switch off your computer, disconnect and consider leaving the country.

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