Saturday, July 24, 2010

Super Simple Slightly Spicy Summer Squash

Other than butternut pumpkin in Moroccan Tagines I have never really cooked pumpkins or gourds in the past.

In a total impulse purchase I picked up some squash seeds from Lidl. I had an idea running around about North American veg in the garden for some reason.

The packet was a real mixed bunch simply labeled Curcurbita Pepo, and I never expected them to do well - they have thrived to the extent they have needed to be severely cut back, curtailed and thinned.

I went away for a week, and when I got back, two of my precious greyhound cabbage had been devoured by some pests (time to order supernemo and nemaslug again) and the squash had gone amok among the other plants.

They are fruiting well and I picked a few that were about the size of big oranges.

They are actually meant more as ornamental gourds than for food according to the packet, but they are delicious.
They are growing in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes, but all produce massive yellow flowers, so I am looking forward to seeing what my lucky bag of seeds will deliver.

I also picked up some Patisson Sunburst seeds that day, a flat, sweet buttery squash I had once in Denmark, so I am looking forward to harvesting a few of those.

Pattison Sunburst - stock photo

In my rush, I forgot to photograph the squash themselves before cooking, so I will need to update this blog in the future.

The recipe I decided on was very adhoc, after glancing at some Southern US and Indian type recipes I had an idea of the balance of flavours I wanted.

First thing was simply to wash, chop and steam the squash picked, seeds and all (they were still quite immature)

Quick 10 minute steam in fish kettle

After that it was a quick transfer to a pan.

I had already diced and softened a small onion in butter , and added some salt, pepper, ground coriander and a spoon of mid curry powder.

To this I added the steamed squash

5 minutes in butter, herbs, spices and a little honey

About 5 minutes in the pan, just enough to coat them - kinda like a warm salad idea - and they were a very mild, tasty and a sort of sweet/salt flavour with an aldente texture.
I think it would be ideal as a side dish with any basmati rice and naan bread dish.

Great late snack/side dish - sorry about the focus


3 small Squash, washed and chopped
1 onion
knob of butter
1 tsp Mild curry powder
1 tsp ground corriander
1 tsp honey
Salt & Pepper

It worked out very well, they were very tasty, if a little mild for my taste - perhaps a little lemon would give them more zing.
For a more Chinese type flavour I'm sure they would work well with a little sesame seed oil, fresh ginger and chili.
For a Mexican type dish, I'd go with fresh coriander, chili and garlic.

I look forward to doing bigger meals using these veg, they seem very versatile and pick up flavours very easily.

With what seems like a glut coming on the great news is apparently the store very easily.

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