Saturday, August 21, 2010

Setting up for winter

There's more to a kitchen garden than just summer salads.
You can have good, fresh food through the year and reduce the food miles.

I have started cleaning up the beds, and trying to keep the cats out.

Leeks have been transplanted, as these can stay in the ground through the winter.
I'm also growing modules for winter and spring cabbage, Kale's and cauliflower.

Transplanting the leeks also allows me to earth them up further.
They are slow growing, but well worth the wait.

My Paris Silverskin pickling onions have not grown all that well - too crowded or overshaded perhaps, so I transferred them to a new bed with the leeks.

Its also time to start crop rotation, so putting in the leeks starts next years onion patch.

As well as that there is just general cleaning and tidy-up. The squash that I grew went out of control, so a couple of planks and nails with a length of old telephone wire has been set up to provide a trellis of sorts, rough and ready but it gets things back in order.

Over the weekend I will clean up the pathways and I have a few more bits and pieces to pickle or preserve.

Some of the broccoli have bolted, so its time to keep an eye on the others, if they look like their going to bolt, then it is a case of blanch and freeze I think.

I will need to trellis up a few other bits and pieces, but over all there's not that much to do other than prep work for the winter vegetables.

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