Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snowbound in Connemara

Just a few photos of the recent snow, worst I've ever seen in Ireland - in particular this far west with the gulf stream.
The Donkeys have moved back to Delilahs place until the cold snap passes, but the cattle seem happy enough where they are given enough fodder.
The Carna/Cill Ciaran region are among the worst affected in the country - no gritting etc. The nearest drivable road is the Clifden/Galway main road, as usual this far west and Galway CoCo dont give a fiddlers.
Nosey Donkey

Its all fairly hard core at the minute - and the most ironic thing is that the freezer just broke down


Garden on ice

Snowed in tomb
Delaney and Delilah on the move
Snowbound croft
Talking about the weather
Moonlight Donkeys
Here endeth the road
Pretty Cold!
Waiting for food
Moonlight cows
Fodder fiend

Cool Cats
Whats this?
Whoa! Me no likes
Whahh - Me really no likes!!!

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