Monday, May 17, 2010

Bed 2 - Onions Carrots Beetroot

Well, here is bed 2 with mostly onions, garlic and leek.
The onion varieties were Ailsa Craig and Bedforeshire champions from seed, and sets of Stuttgarters, a gift from Mannions shop in Rosuc.

Leeks at the bottom are Musselburgh, and garlic was simply what ever the chinese stuff in the kitchen was last January.

The Garlic came all the way from China!!! Why do we buy garlc from China, isn't France in the EU??

Its like the time I saw onions for sale in Holland that came from New Zealand - but at least you can explain that by seasonal variation.
I was worried they would not tae, they sometimes treat these things so they wont seed right I had heard, but these came up OK. It was worth the a try I guess, if only to save on food miles, and seed garlic from UK is expensive.

The leek, Ailsa Craig and Bedfordshire champions were grown from seed in January

The beetroots are in the middle, a mix of Bolthardy and Burpees golden

Then there are seed for silverskin pickling onions, just sown straight into the ground.
Also in this bed are a few drills of main crop Long Lise de Meaux carrot, one row of parsnip and at the top a seed tape of gherkin and dill.
I grew the Onion and carrot together, as I remember vaguely that the parasitic flies of each prey on each other, and hope that is the case.
At the end of the bed there is a little space that will probably fit some bean or pea seed.

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