Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Salad Seedlings and tomato plans- May 18

In the space between slow growing leeks.
I have a pack of mixed lettuce - Iceberg, Cos and Butterhead types, so to start a system where I wont be overwhelmed by lettuce, I simply used an old plant tray and plant a few random seeds each week.
I think I will get a Raddicio lettuce type to add for variety.

They take between 10 and 14 weeks to come to harvest size according to the seed packet.

I spoke about the tomato Costoluto Fiorentino. I read up on tomato and they are similar enough to potato in terms of soil requirements and more importantly desiese control (I can always put in a raised trench of compost or growbag fill later)

The seed sprouted well, and will be put into individual trays to keep growing.
I read online that they should be planted out when they reach a height of 10 -15 cm, at the moment they are about 3 cm high, so its just a question of waiting.

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