Sunday, June 20, 2010

More slugs and caterpillars

Another thing I have been doing lately is slug lamping, come sunset I go out with a can of salty water, and check the beds and their sides with a torch.
I also check the plants, their base and the underside of the leaves in particular.
If I find any of the beasties they are dispatched rather quickly.
Although labour intensive, one hour of hand picking will provide a noticeable reduction in snail and slug populations.
From what I understand, if you kill one by hand, its as good as killing 200 chemically
The beer traps are also doing their jobs, as I have seen a steady reduction in the numbers of slugs.

One particular job that I feel weird about is checking the leaves for butterfly eggs.
The white butterflies lay their eggs on the underside of leaves, and they are noticeable.
I have found them to be yellow or lime green.
Sorry about the focus on the shot, but the clusters are quite unmistakable.
The outer shell on the larger, lime green eggs are quite hard, like bits of grit.

On one of the pea plants I found a cluster of orange eggs - these may be from a moth.

I use a thumbnail to take them off and pretty mush squish them, feels quite bad, but then if they became caterpillars, I'd be annoyed at the damage. I have planted nasturtium flowers in window boxes elsewhere as a trap crop, to give them an alternative place to breed.

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