Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Potato Cake from Stamppot leftovers

Well, there is a recipe that can be used for any potato based mash.
The Irish make many types of potato cake, this is just my version.
Its simply a way of using up left-overs.

I used up my turnip greens stamppot in this way, and its a nice brunch/lunch.
I did find the stamppot mash made a really delicious cake.
With the turnip top and bacon bits in the cake, its like a cross between a normal potato cake with the English staple, bubble and squeak

It's very simple.

400 gm potato based mash
250 gm plain flour
1 egg

Simply put the flour, mash and egg in a bowl.
Keep some flour for dusting fingers and board.
Add some salt if it is a plain mash.
Mix with a fork.

Dust your pastry board* (see 2012 below for another suggestion)
With a serving spoon place a dollop of mix onto the board and shape into patties like burgers.
Finished they should be about 2cm thick, and a diameter of about 15 cm
These can be frozen for future use, just defrost the night before cooking. Just put greaseproof paper between them and store in a lunchbox container or a clingfilm wrap.

Fry in olive oil or Donegal Rapeseed oil. Serve with mayonnaise and chives or shallots.

* 2012 update
For a bit of variety, crunch and just to look a little different you can incorporate rolled oats
Simply mix some rolled oats with the flour

 Then pat down the potato cake onto the board, both sides

 Fry up and serve

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  1. Tried this out on our Stampot leftovers with carrots and onions, hope my Dutch husband likes it!


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