Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bean Worries

OK - So my bean plants have come on leaps and bounds, and the lower flowers are turning black and mushy and dying off.
Not quite sure as to what the problem was so I checked it out by asking at gardenplans Ireland forum (see link on right side panel)

It only seemed to be the lower flower buds, so that seems positve.

Got a very quick reply, from Michael Brenock, a retired horticultural advisor on the forum.
It is normal for the blossoms to turn brown and black as they wither. This happens after pollination has taken place. They have fulfilled their function to attract passing insects.

So thats cool - the bumblebees and myself are pleased at that news

My worry still is that the overhead folliage is a bit squashed due to the bird nets that are there in an attempt to keep the bloody cats out.

Am trying to rig the nets to be better at keeping them out - but they are clever kittens.
Note lower flowers blackened and wilted

Here again, lower flowers wilted and black in comparison with white buds

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