Friday, May 21, 2010

Fat Baby Acocha., Courgettes, exploding cucumbers and a few other things

Well, been sprouting these in the window sill, and it looks like all 3 have germinated at least one seedling, which is great news for me at least.
Looking forward to getting them in the ground outside.

All three came from the real seed company in Wales.

Acocha is a small South American climbing vine that tastes like Green pepper.
The Latin name may be Cyclanthera pedata, but the folks in Wales are beginning to suspect it is actually Cyclanthera brachyastacha

Cyclanthera explodens is the other one - this is a vine cucumber similar to Acocha, but it explodes to spread its seed. Apparently this happens at the slightest touch - so with any luck it may help to adjust the kittens toilet patterns.

The courgette I have planted is 'White Volunteer' Cousa Courgette, apparently very productive and early, and with such a challenging climate I can only hope it grows well. I think this will need

In addition there will be more trayed lettuce, an attempt at tomato's and more beans and peas,

A second type of bean I will be putting out is Borlotto Firetounge, when dried it becomes a Haricourt for Cassoulet.

There are a few more pea plants to go out - I figured with all the net supports why not just use them to help a few more pea plants. A mix and match of Rondo and Evita.
There are already a few well established plants in the garden, although they have not come to flower yet.

Of course, it is a risk growing tomato and courgette outside, but the Acocha has a hardy reputation - and the exploding cucumber, well, in fairness, how can any mature, sensible and professional man refuse a chance at growing exploding veg?

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