Monday, May 17, 2010

Bed 4 - Turnip, Suede, peas, beans, Oca and other groovey stuff

Bed 4
This one is a real mix, but started out predominantly pulses.
Western Perfection Suede and Tipperary Turnip are Irish heritage varieties that came from Irish seed savers - they do an important job and are worth supporting.
Interspacing the suedes and turnips is Osaka Purple Mustard Green from the Real Seed company in the UK.
They are coming up no problem at all
Also from them are Jaune Obtuse de Doubs, a french heritage yellow carrot and Atika.
Atika is a root parsley that is used a lot in East European dishes, I have it seeded below the old glass panes.


Just beyond the glass is Oka - a South American tuber, tastes like lemon flavour potatoes.
Oca in Ireland
I sourced this from Christophe on Clare Island, at Macalla Farm - very pleasent guy to deal with.
Looking forward to having them at Chrismas.
Here also are the main crop gherkin under glass for the moment.
Just before the glass are two types of French bean from Lidl - Kinghorn wax and Saxa French dwarf bean.
These were sprouted inside and seem to be doing well.
The large bushels at the end are broad bean and peas. The pea variety are a mix of Rondo (main) and Evita (early)

Here also are Kohl Rabi - they seem to be thriving, its an Olivia F1 hybrid
Then at the bottom are a quick crop of Milan Purple top turnip and a few rocket seeds courtesy of the Daily Mail giveaway
The nets are all inplace to try and dissuade three horrid kittens to stop using the place as a toilet, but I really dont know if that is working at the moment

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